Memes are transformative ideas that build cultures, just as genes build bodies.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, in her book Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution, wrote about the old destructive memes of our past and how they got us to our current crises.  Change is inevitable.  Why not change consciously, in the direction we need to go?  She suggested the new memes we need to adopt for a just, loving, peaceful, and sustainable future.  Among these are:

  1. Our crisis is a birth.
  2. Our story is the birth of a universal humanity.
  3. Be “causal!”
  4. Our Essence is the impulse of evolution.
  5. Our vocational arousal is an expression of our creative essence.
  6. We become more conscious and creative in evolutionary circles.
  7. We are led by and lead from the evolutionary impulse within.
  8. We hold these truths to be self-evident, all people are born creative.
  9. Conscious evolution fosters synergistic convergence.
  10. The meaning of our new power is our conscious evolution.
  11. I am the news!

How do these memes translate to our individual lives?  These are just a few of the ideas our OLLI Evolutionary Circle will be exploring in 2012-13.


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