December 1st Invitation

26 11 2012

Fred Jakolat will be showing a Bruce Lipton’s DVD on Saturday, December 1st, at 1:00 PM, as part of his “Our Journey to Peace” series.  It will be followed by discussion of Lipton’s book Biology of Belief.  I believe it is worth your effort to attend this, as Lipton’s ideas will likely change your idea of what is possible (change at the cellular level).  Also, it is an opportunity to meet others in our community interested in evolving a better future. Fred is expecting us and assures me it is not necessary to have read the book to get the good out of the DVD and discussion.    The meeting will be held at the Riverbend Club House, 200 W. Riverview Circle at Foster, 1-5:00 pm).  It is not necessary to stay for the book discussion afterward, if you are only interested in the DVD.