November 29th Special!

25 11 2012

Please join us Thursday, November 29th, for a special guest speaker, Richard Flyer, founder of Connecting the Good in Reno, who will be talking to us about his decade-long work to consciously transform our community.  Richard has just returned from Sri Lanka, where he was collaborating with Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, winner of the Gandhi Peace Prize and founder and President of the Sarvodaya Movement, the world’s largest spiritually-based communities movement.  Richard has developed similar principles to address the needs in our western culture. Come hear how his vital his approach gets to the roots of the social, government, cultural, and economic challenges that we face. If you know we need to change how we go forward into the future, and you have ideas about what that future should look like, then please join the Metaphysics Class in the main classroom of the Nelson Building at 2:00 PM for this important event.  Find out how you can become part of Connecting the Good Worldwide, as the Reno model is expanding to other cities.

Here are some videos to give you a taste!

Dr. Ari You Tube

Conscious Community Movie