Reno Birth 2012 videos

30 01 2013

The videos from our big event are now available for viewing.  (Thank you, Stephen Child, for your wonderful work!)  They are accessible though the Reno Birth 2012 site:  Scroll down to the entry “Click here for presentations and cameos from Reno Birth 2012.”  Those of you who missed it due to the snowstorm and your Christmas plans will have a chance to see a little of what transpired.  The best part for me were the people who attended and the wonderful enthusiasm shown for the vision behind this global event.  The enthusiasm could not be contained, and we are holding ongoing meetings to explore how to consciously co-create the future we want.  Information will be posted about those meetings on the renobirth2012 web site.  All are welcome!


Reno Birth 2012 videos

7 01 2013

In response to the many requests for seeing videos recorded at our wonderful Reno Birth 2012 event (thank you community!), the RB2 team is working on setting up a special website for the videos and for future meetings, information sharing, activity reporting, etc.  I will have links from this site to it.  More information to come!  Thanks for asking, Premaa!