Free Gary Zukav Class – Authentic Power

31 10 2012

If you’ve longed for the keys to being in command of your life – no matter what’s happening “outside” of you, no matter how fast the world is changing or how chaotic the outcome – then you don’t want to miss a free call with #1 New York Times bestselling author and consciousness pioneer Gary Zukav.  Together with his spiritual partner, Linda Francis, Gary will engage in a timely teaching about a new paradigm for power called “authentic power.”
It’s an emerging global consciousness of compassion and wisdom, and it calls you to act from love rather than fear.

In this enlightening LIVE 60-minute online seminar, Gary and Linda will guide you through the 5 Essential Keys to awaken your authentic power and show you how to live aligned with your soul’s true purpose including:

Expanding Your Emotional Awareness
Creating Conscious Intentions
Making Empowered Choices
Accessing The Wisdom of Your Intuition
Cultivating Spiritual Partnerships

Sign up for this free call by following the link:

The call will take place November 1 from 5-6 PM.  If you can’t participate live, sign up anyway and that will give you access to the recording of the call.  This is just one more way to use our new tools to promote the common good.  Join us!




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