Summary of Evolutionary Input

25 10 2012

Here is the summation I promised in the last post.  More detail about each will be posted on the appropriate blog page.  Thanks for the contributions!

Web links: Karen Everett’s documentary “Bold Mother Hubbard”  Global Oncness Day October 24 – free web event with great speakers –    21-Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra, creating peace and abundance –  TED (ideas worth spreading) in Reno, UNR, January 25th,   Interested in aliens, views from space, cosmic perspective?  Go to Nova Science Now site:  Want to get into a food fight?  Join Food Democracy Now  Foster Gamble’s THRIVE Movement is targeting home foreclosures:    Organic Bytes is featuring an article on California’s Prop 37 (GMO labeling ballot initiative)    Belfort Group ChemTruthers Conference presentation on chemtrails    Meditation Tools Class Oct. 16th, Reno Psychic Institute,    A passion for protecting the biodiversity of our planet, check out the Biological Diversity Organization website,   Craig Hamilton is offering an online course called “Integral Enlightenment: Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life,”    To educate yourself on better food choices and eating locally, see    More on food safety and California’s Prop 37:    A film on making a difference, giving positive feedback,     A neurosurgeon’s visit to the afterlife,;_ylt=A2KJjb3Oc3VQtGcAyqDQtDMD   Joe Quirk’s quirky ideas about democracy,    [Thanks Lena, Jan, Kathy, & CMWelch]

Quotes:  “There are no challenges, issues, or crises that do not contain within them seeds of opportunity that could not have otherwise existed.”
– Mike Dooley  (thanks, Paula)

Barbara Marx Hubbard
To enter the convergence zone as those who are responsible for social innovations, we must become mature imaginal cells. It is a time for continued self-improvement. In fact, the social potential movement gives new meaning to the 30-year effort of millions within the human potential movement. To take the next step we must become more conscious of our own state of being — of our thoughts and intentions. For as we approach the convergence zone, everything within us is magnified, our weaknesses as well as our strengths. The pressure on all social change agents is intense. We continue to struggle to evolve — personally, financially, organizationally — usually with little support from our current culture. Many of us may fall by the wayside, at least for the moment. But those who persevere through the tension zone have a great reward in store for all of us. For once inside the convergence zone new patterns prevail and reinforce one another,  and we get  a taste of the cocreative society — heaven on Earth. Practicing the personal path of the cocreator is vital, for we must stabilize our own higher internal state of being to remain in the convergence zone. Most particularly, we seek to overcome our ego-driven behavior — our desire to dominate and win over others — and learn to cooperate and cocreate. Few of us have learned to remain in our higher state of being. We are competitive and have a desire to win. We lose resonance, we fear rejection, judgment seeps in, and we fall into separation — then struggle to rise again and again, seeking to stabilize. Very few of us have stabilized at our own high norm (certainly including me). We flicker in and out of higher consciousness. But remember, we are still a young species. I believe that we have not yet discovered what it means to be fully human. This is the work of the maturing social potential movement: to provide win-win social systems within which the higher qualities of love, creativity, and the responsibility of humanity can be reinforced and secured.  [Thanks, Madeline, for the quote and highlighting]

Videos:  Food, Inc. (shown at 10/11/12 class)



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