Thank You Collaborators + Coming Events

18 10 2012

A sincere thanks to all of you who have sent me resources, web links, news, quotes, etc. these last two weeks.  You are making this blog everything I hoped it would be, especially a way of sharing information and good news.  I will be putting that input on the appropriate blog page, and will try to summarize them in my next post, rather than posting them all separately.  The film showed at our last class, Food Inc., especially sparked input.  If that is something you want to know more about, especially how you can take action, see the page Resources.  If you don’t see something you sent which is important to you, please let me know.

A special event is coming our way.  Two evolutionaries are making a 48 state tour to promote the global Birth 2012 event.  Noel Marshall and Bob Warner have dedicated much of their year motoring across the United States to do this.  Imagine the enthusiasm and dedication this couple has to do this.  They will be appearing in Reno on November 15th and in Truckee on the 16th.  I would encourage all of you to save one of these dates to support their effort and learn how phenomenally things are unfolding.

Another amazing thing is unfolding.  Karen Everett, an award-winning filmmaker who has directed five previous documentaries that have screened at more than 150 film festivals, PBS and Netflix, has been inspired to do a documentary on Barbara Marx Hubbard.  She is calling it “Bold Mother Hubbard.”  She is raising money now “to film Barbara this December as she galvanizes 100 million people to celebrate a planetary ‘Birth 2012’ event.  This unprecedented ‘global birthday’ event will  activate a new age of human possibility and help drive us through our global crises.”  Karen is just another example of someone responding to her evolutionary impulse.  Check out her trailer and info about the film.



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