Reno Birth 2012 videos

30 01 2013

The videos from our big event are now available for viewing.  (Thank you, Stephen Child, for your wonderful work!)  They are accessible though the Reno Birth 2012 site:  Scroll down to the entry “Click here for presentations and cameos from Reno Birth 2012.”  Those of you who missed it due to the snowstorm and your Christmas plans will have a chance to see a little of what transpired.  The best part for me were the people who attended and the wonderful enthusiasm shown for the vision behind this global event.  The enthusiasm could not be contained, and we are holding ongoing meetings to explore how to consciously co-create the future we want.  Information will be posted about those meetings on the renobirth2012 web site.  All are welcome!


Reno Birth 2012 videos

7 01 2013

In response to the many requests for seeing videos recorded at our wonderful Reno Birth 2012 event (thank you community!), the RB2 team is working on setting up a special website for the videos and for future meetings, information sharing, activity reporting, etc.  I will have links from this site to it.  More information to come!  Thanks for asking, Premaa!


10 12 2012

Who has time during this busy Christmas season to go to one more thing?  What if it is a global event and is celebrating the already-occurring shift in consciousness all over our planet?  Please visit the new page just added to the blog, called Reno Birth 2012.  It will have information about our local celebration of Birth 2012, and the latest (ever evolving) schedule.  It is a 30-hour event, so plan to come by on one or both of the two days, December 21st and 22nd.  Find out more about the global  telecast at  Merry Christmas and Happy Future!

December 1st Invitation

26 11 2012

Fred Jakolat will be showing a Bruce Lipton’s DVD on Saturday, December 1st, at 1:00 PM, as part of his “Our Journey to Peace” series.  It will be followed by discussion of Lipton’s book Biology of Belief.  I believe it is worth your effort to attend this, as Lipton’s ideas will likely change your idea of what is possible (change at the cellular level).  Also, it is an opportunity to meet others in our community interested in evolving a better future. Fred is expecting us and assures me it is not necessary to have read the book to get the good out of the DVD and discussion.    The meeting will be held at the Riverbend Club House, 200 W. Riverview Circle at Foster, 1-5:00 pm).  It is not necessary to stay for the book discussion afterward, if you are only interested in the DVD.

Conscious Evolution in Reno!

25 11 2012

We had an amazing four days with ACEs (Agents of Conscious Evolution) Noel Marshall and Bob Warner.  They came to Reno on a 48-state tour to spread the vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard for a better future.  They were invited to speak to five diverse groups, and one of those appearances was recorded by the generous talented people at the Center for Spiritual Living on Lakeside Drive.  If you missed attending their talk live, click on the following link:


November 29th Special!

25 11 2012

Please join us Thursday, November 29th, for a special guest speaker, Richard Flyer, founder of Connecting the Good in Reno, who will be talking to us about his decade-long work to consciously transform our community.  Richard has just returned from Sri Lanka, where he was collaborating with Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, winner of the Gandhi Peace Prize and founder and President of the Sarvodaya Movement, the world’s largest spiritually-based communities movement.  Richard has developed similar principles to address the needs in our western culture. Come hear how his vital his approach gets to the roots of the social, government, cultural, and economic challenges that we face. If you know we need to change how we go forward into the future, and you have ideas about what that future should look like, then please join the Metaphysics Class in the main classroom of the Nelson Building at 2:00 PM for this important event.  Find out how you can become part of Connecting the Good Worldwide, as the Reno model is expanding to other cities.

Here are some videos to give you a taste!

Dr. Ari You Tube

Conscious Community Movie

Free Gary Zukav Class – Authentic Power

31 10 2012

If you’ve longed for the keys to being in command of your life – no matter what’s happening “outside” of you, no matter how fast the world is changing or how chaotic the outcome – then you don’t want to miss a free call with #1 New York Times bestselling author and consciousness pioneer Gary Zukav.  Together with his spiritual partner, Linda Francis, Gary will engage in a timely teaching about a new paradigm for power called “authentic power.”
It’s an emerging global consciousness of compassion and wisdom, and it calls you to act from love rather than fear.

In this enlightening LIVE 60-minute online seminar, Gary and Linda will guide you through the 5 Essential Keys to awaken your authentic power and show you how to live aligned with your soul’s true purpose including:

Expanding Your Emotional Awareness
Creating Conscious Intentions
Making Empowered Choices
Accessing The Wisdom of Your Intuition
Cultivating Spiritual Partnerships

Sign up for this free call by following the link:

The call will take place November 1 from 5-6 PM.  If you can’t participate live, sign up anyway and that will give you access to the recording of the call.  This is just one more way to use our new tools to promote the common good.  Join us!